Fresh scents of apple cinnamon, pumpkin spice, chai and coffee chocolate has arrived

Beauty, health and wellness comes from within.

Make the investment of self-care for a better life overall.

A balance of mind, body and soul for a better life overall.

Beauty and wellness comes from within...a balance of real food, activity, rest, sunshine, fresh air and natural surroundings and moments. Great products aid us on this journey.

Rustic and cozy shades of brown, orange and red.

Cozy rustic vibes of fall!

Crunchy leaves and crisp fresh air.

Nature's Autumn love.

Kissed by a kahlua chocolate coffee bath bomb, pumpkin spice soap and chai and apple cinnamon scents...fall is here.

Always make time for yourself in the glow of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Turn your bath into a luxurious time of relaxation and rejuvenation with soft skin and aromatherapy.

bath and shower never felt so good with foamy soft lather, natural oils and aromatherapy scents.

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Fall Favourites ~ Enjoying the magic of the season.

Fall Favourites ~ Enjoying the magic of the season.

Every fall the season arrives offering all the obvious things I love and look forward to like rustic and warm colours of red, brown, golden yellow ...
Rejuvenation Checklist

Rejuvenation Checklist

Make time for yourself with quiet stillness and wellness. Moments and things that make you feel happier and better for mind, body and soul. Our min...
Leaving behind something that doesn't serve your higher purpose.

Leaving behind something that doesn't serve your higher purpose.

I haven't written on the blog for quiet a while now as I've been working on some big changes in my business which require time, focus and a higher ...
Motivational Tips from the 365 Days of Motivation eBook

Motivational Tips from the 365 Days of Motivation eBook

Do you find it difficult to stay motivated sometimes or get easily distracted? Hack your motivation levels, stop your mind from wandering and fire ...
The Beauty of Decluttering

The Beauty of Decluttering

What is it about throwing away old clutter that feels so freeing? Getting rid of old papers, clothing, broken bits of random things that you perhap...
Real beauty through fuel and movement: Feeling and looking your best

Real beauty through fuel and movement: Feeling and looking your best

We can read a thousand articles and follow a hundred diet plans, but at the end of the day it all comes down to good old-fashioned real food and mo...

Where nature, beauty and wellness meet!

Life is all about beautiful things, surroundings and moments.

Nourishment and beauty through powerful botanical plant extracts.

If you take care of yourself, you can give more to everything else.

Featured collection

You are the gardener of your life.

Plant, nurture, bloom and grow! Be the best version of yourself. You have the magic to do incredible things!

Feel soft and silky with our full range of cosmetics.

Nourished, hydrated, soothed and protected with natural plant oils, botanicals and antioxidants.

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the gift of nature for mind, body and soul.

Healing, protecting and hydrating.

The three powerful elements you want out of any range of skin care or make-up products. Never skip out on that. Heal, protect and hydrate.

Clean, natural, simple and real.

Plant oils, extracts and antioxidants should always be the main feature of what goes onto your skin and eventually works its way into your body.

Make nature a priority!

Fresh air, trees, gardens, plants, flowers, parks, mountains, beaches, deserts, fields, lakes and oceans...get your daily dose of nature for mind, body and soul.

Soaps that heal , clean, soften and rejuvenate.

Goat's milk soap or Glycerin soap...find the bar that works for you.

Looking good leads to feeling good, and that's life changing!

Night or day, you want to look and feel good!

Whether you're on the go, running errands, going to work, traveling or visiting friends or family, you want skin care and make-up that is fresh feeling and easy to apply!

A new year and new time to take care of yourself!

You can only give your full and energetic self when you take the time to give yourself rejuvenation, care and relaxation to recharge.

Don't take yourself too seriously! Remember to laugh.

Life is full of ups and downs and can really knock us off our feet sometimes, how we get up and rise to those challenges and look for the good in it is really what matters!

Nature's most beautiful colours and ingredients!

Herbs, flowers, plants and essential oils.

Essential oils

Plant botanicals

Face and body scrubs

Cooling soothing mists

Mineral rich Bath Bombs.

Organic glycerin soaps with essential oils. Hypoallergenic.

Bath & Shower essentials

Soft, clean, refreshed and rejuvenated!

Enriched Foaming Cleanser

Soothing, refreshing and gentle with chamomile, aloe vera and witch hazel to lather up beautifully and remove make-up, dirt and impurities.

Clay masks that gently clean, heal and hydrate.

Nutrient rich and created in 3 different formulas for a variety of skin types. Feel refreshed, soft and rejuvenated!

A sample guideline look

Never be afraid to try new colours and shades you might not normally wear! You might surprise yourself and create a whole new you!

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Health and Wellness

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