The beauty of finding the right tools, materials, apparel and decor to enhance your lifestyle and skin care needs is so vitally important. Brushes, tweezers, curlers, cotton pads, foam wedges, wipes or even how you store, clean, carry and display your brushes, can make a huge difference in your beauty habits and regime. Be sure to watch our video make-up tutorials and cosmetic product discussions in our blog library.

 The key to maintaining your beauty tools and essentials:

  1. Keep all your items well organized so they don't lie down and gather bacteria.
  2. Keep your brushes in a roll up, a stand up organizer or a beauty bag.
  3. Don't let your tweezers, scissors and metal nail files lie in water to avoid getting rusty. Wipe with rubbing alcohol with a cotton pad or cloth to keep clean if used often. 
  4. Wash your brushes once a week (if used often) in warm soapy water or brush cleaner and rinsed until the water runs clear from soap and dirt, then soak for two minutes in rubbing alcohol to disinfect from bacteria. Rinse thoroughly and dry with a towel and fluff out to stand straight up to dry so the bristles don't stick to each other. Cheaper brushes will fall apart more easily and break away from the metal ferrule (the part between the bristles and handle) 
  5. Don't use foam sponges more than once as they are a hotbed for bacteria which leaves dirt in the skin and causes breakouts.       

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