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Happy New Year! Here we are again, ready to take on a new year full of opportunities, ideas and dreams that need to be put into action! I hope you dive right in and go for what you want! 

As someone who has loved writing since very young, it is a thrill to now get some of my ideas and work in print. As a child I would write poems by the hour and my mother remembers me spending hours in my room writing stories and plays then reading them to her with great excitement. A real dreamer and drifter with my head in the clouds.

When I dived into a two year Children's literature diploma in my early twenties, I was typing on a brother typewriter and submitting short stories and articles to my instructors by mail. The internet had not quite arrived and big envelopes back and forth was the norm at the time.

All my first children's stories were written for my daughter Ariana who was a toddler at the time and to be able to illustrate and develop those into printed books now is a thrill I cannot describe. Below are the titles already available in paperback in our Amazon bookstore as of the beginning of 2024.


So what kinds of books will I be writing? Quite a variety! 

  • Journals and planners for a variety of topics like health and wellness, budget and savings, seasonal, food and cooking, gardening, hobbies, crafts, travel and many other topics.
  • Adult romantic novellas, both short and long stories in different time periods.
  • Children's stories for young readers and learners. Stories for toddlers and early readers from ages 3 - 6 years old.
  • Workbooks for children for homeschooling and strengthening the core essentials like spelling, shapes, colours, the alphabet and mathematics.

As my Amazon bookstore continues to grow, I hope you find something you enjoy or that assists you with various life topics. I absolutely love writing, so every book bought is the ultimate compliment and thrill.

Thanks for reading my latest blog post and all the best for the upcoming year!

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