Fall Favourites ~ Enjoying the magic of the season.

Every fall the season arrives offering all the obvious things I love and look forward to like rustic and warm colours of red, brown, golden yellow and orange, favourite spiced hot drinks, cooler crisp mornings and nights and leaves falling to the ground with crunching underfoot. I personally soak up the autumnal magic every single day and take as many photos as possible but never regret it as there is always a new scene to delight in. It's a season with real personality. 


If you're like me and enjoy photography and walking your dog or even just love going for long daily walks, you really get to take in the changing colours moment by moment. Decorating my front steps in a harvest theme is a favourite  too and pumpkins and seasonal flowers are out at all the shops. 

We're fortunate enough to live in an area with dozens of different walks and large park spaces, forests and lakes. Each walk offers something different whether it be a lake, dense trees, open fields or varied bird life. Our dog is high energy so we cover a lot of ground and have discovered many new walks of late. Watching our front and back yard change colours and Blue Jays and bird life enjoying our large oak tree for its bounty of acorns is really a thrill. Busy birds make for a happy coffee time!


There is something so pure and magical about the crisp air and warm sun and September heading into October offers 16c and a time of cozy outdoor and indoor fires as nights dip to around 5c. Lighting candles and snuggling under a blanket reading a good book becomes more common as the days get cooler. 

My favourite scents of the season are chai, apple cinnamon, honey almond, pumpkin spice, clove, nutmeg, ginger peach, gingerbread and sandalwood. Most of these we carry in goat's milk soaps glycerin soaps and bath bombs in our online shop and I really take the time to enjoy them in long, hot candlelit baths.


In years before I've enjoyed creating large pots of pumpkin soap with zucchini, leeks, carrots, yams, onions and garlic. Adding salt and pepper, mixed herbs and garlic powder and making sure all the veggies are blended or strained makes for an incredibly delicious homemade thick soup. 

Also baking a spiced pumpkin loaf with walnuts using cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, all spice and fresh pumpkin makes for an incredibly dense and delicious loaf for autumn afternoons with tea.

Visiting local gardens or farms with family and taking in the decor, plants, pumpkins, sunflowers and autumnal displays is definitely a favourite every year. Our area also used to have a corn maze which was terrific fun when my daughter was little.

 Chai latte, London fog, spiced pumpkin latte and pumpkin pie are also seasonal favourites when out and about with family. My favourite digital fall products below are a couple of planners and a couple of recipe eBooks that we carry and really bring the autumn theme home in a big way.


What do you love most about fall? Leave a comment below and thanks for taking the time to read this post. It's a magical time and I hope you truly enjoy each moment as I do.

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  • Your blogs always leave me with a happy feeling and you make them interesting and enjoyable!!

    Jean Lafferty

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