eBook - Swimming for Life

eBook - Swimming for Life

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This 62 page eBook focuses on swimming for fitness as a health routine. Activities and skills to help swimmers and non-swimmers maintain their interest in swimming. Swimming for fitness must be challenging and at the same time fun to do. Treat swimming as if you are jogging or running. Make sure that the effort you exert in the pool is of the same stress level as what you would do if you were pacing on the side of the road.

It is possible to lose weight in swimming and be nicely toned. Combine the swimming for fitness regimen with a balanced diet and you will be assured to shed pounds. Swimming is just like any other physical activity. For those who are overweight, swimming for fitness is probably the best activity that could lessen the stress on the joints of their legs. Swimming also provides an over-all body cardiovascular exercise. 

What you'll learn:

  • Swimming for Fitness¬†
  • Getting the right equipment
  • Different strokes
  • How to Breathe Properly
  • Turning on Kinetic Energy
  • How to Develop a Strong Pull
  • The Proper Kick
  • Developing Speed Drills and Practice
  • Swimming Like a Fish
  • Scuba Swimming - Underwater Training for Competitive Swimming
  • Long Distance Swimming
  • Optimum Weight for Swimming Nutrition and Swimming