eBook - Mindfulness
eBook - Mindfulness
eBook - Mindfulness
eBook - Mindfulness
eBook - Mindfulness
eBook - Mindfulness
eBook - Mindfulness
eBook - Mindfulness
eBook - Mindfulness
eBook - Mindfulness

eBook - Mindfulness

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This informative 54 page eBook is accompanied by a resource cheat sheet and a checklist to help you discover the benefits of mindfulness and how to improve your body, mind and spirit in times of chaos and become more resilient.

By practicing mindfulness, you will be able to improve the body, mind, and spirit to grow and become more resilient. Simply by practicing mindfulness every day, you will be able to better handle any situation that comes your way.

Mindfulness can and should make you feel happier and more content with your overall life, but it is more realistic about it. This allows mindfulness to be geared towards appreciating your life and self better. It helps you see past short-term struggles and appreciate the life you have, even in the bad times.

Mindfulness is not about creating a perfect life, but it is about creating the life you want and are excited to live. Mindfulness is the act of being in the present so that you can live a healthier and happier life.

Life is full of unexpected, stressful, and difficult periods and events. Whenever these challenging times arise, it is easy to feel overwhelmed, overworked, and overall dissatisfied with your life. Even more worrisome is that humans often ignore these feelings or chalk them up to weakness whenever they arise. This causes this situation to feel even worse, creating a never-ending cycle of stress, anger, and dissatisfaction.

What You'll Learn:

What Is Mindfulness?
Understanding The Point Of Mindfulness
Benefits Of Mindfulness
Mindfulness In Times Of Chaos
Negative Effects Of Chaotic Times
Practicing Mindfulness For The Body
Why Mindfulness Benefits The Body
Mindfulness And The Body Practices
Progressive Muscle Relaxation
Benefits Of Practicing Mindfulness For The Mind
Improving Reasoning Abilities & Increases Attention
Regulating Emotions And Improves Compassion
The Right & Left Hemispheres Of The Brain
Mindfulness And The Mind Practices
Creating A Morning Routine
Repeating Affirmations
Benefits Of Practicing Mindfulness For The Spirit
Mindfulness And The Spirit Practices
Mindfulness As A Growth Opportunity
Practicing Mindfulness When Things Are Good
Growing To Become More Resilient
Mindfulness In Meditation
Mindfulness Vs. Meditation
How To Practice Mindful Meditation
Bringing It All Together For Your Entire Essence
Why Holistic Mindfulness Matters
How To Practice Holistic Mindfulness
Meditation Through Yoga