eBook - 365 Days of Motivation
eBook - 365 Days of Motivation

eBook - 365 Days of Motivation

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This 58 page inspiring eBook gives you 365 motivational tips to hack your motivation levels, stop your mind from wandering and fire up each day of the year with inspiration and determination.

A further 10-page mini eBook - Motivational Bites (50 Quick Tips) is included too!

There are things that can bring us down and lift us up. Even our own family can fill us up with anger or enlighten us with joy and happiness. Regardless of what stature you have in life, you will always need someone, something, or anything that can help you get through each day. Some people find relief in God, family, companions, dreams and ambitions.

Living a fruitful life is living it with meaning. Finding that meaning can be a lifelong journey and along the way you may need words of wisdom that will guide you through the right path. Words that will let you overcome the struggles that come along with what life has to offer us.

Today may be rough but tomorrow remains a mystery until you do something today to change what lies ahead. Make each day worth living for the next. Often a little push is all you need for you to spiral into success. Are you ready to open your mind and upgrade your motivation?

What You'll Learn:

Chapter 01: Introduction
Chapter 02: Motivational Tips on Listening
Chapter 03: Conversations and Storytelling
Chapter 04: Living a Life of Truthfulness and Transparency
Chapter 05: Cooperation and Teamwork
Chapter 06: The Beauty Of An Open Mind
Chapter 07: Versatility
Chapter 08: Burning Passion
Chapter 09: Delight, Surprise, and Happiness
Chapter 10: Simplicity
Chapter 11: Gratitude
Chapter 12: Kindness
Chapter 13: Humility and Reserve
Chapter 14: The Act of Giving
Chapter 15: Persistence is Omnipotent
Chapter 16: Be Inspired Everyday
Chapter 17: Live Life
Chapter 18: Unconditional Love
Chapter 19: Accepting Change
Chapter 20: The Art Of Letting Go
Chapter 21: Family Matters
Chapter 22: Courage and Strength Are Vital
Chapter 23: Becoming A True Leader
Chapter 24: Building Your Legacy
Chapter 25: Strive To Succeed

And Much More!