eBook -120 Jam Recipes
eBook -120 Jam Recipes

eBook -120 Jam Recipes

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This interesting jams, jellies, preserves and conserves recipes eBook is filled with over 120 unique delicious recipes made from fruits and vegetables. No cook and low sugar varieties are included too.

General information about the differences on how to make each type of spread is given.

The recipes include an ingredients list, preparation and portion serving amounts.

Some of the recipes included:

Roasted garlic jam
Zucchini jam
Hot pepper and tomato jam
No Cook Peachy Orange Jam
No-Cook Georgia Peachberry Jam
No-Cook Light Bananaberry Jam
Oriental Rhubarb Jam
Quick spiced peach jam
Greek sour cherry preserves
Kiwi Daiquiri jam
Dutch apple pie jam
Apricot, orange and almond jam
Cherry preserves
Carrot jam
Ginger peach jam
Muscadine habanero jam
Rhubarb and fig preserves

And so many more!