Choose your Hand and Body Lotion - 50ml
Choose your Hand and Body Lotion - 50ml
Choose your Hand and Body Lotion - 50ml
Choose your Hand and Body Lotion - 50ml

Choose your Hand and Body Lotion - 50ml

Sparkle and Comfort

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Five formulas to choose from ~ Buttercream, Bubblegum, Berry, Chocolate and Coconut. The perfect travel size for your handbag, purse, carry on luggage, road trip or out and about! Perfect also as stocking stuffers, wedding or party favours, for pajama parties and swag bags.

These botanically rich, highly concentrated, fast absorbing and non-greasy moisturizers are for daily use on all skin types for hands, body and mild enough for the face too! It restores the skin's elasticity and delivers deep, long lasting hydration. The combination of green tea, chamomile, aloe vera, vitamin E and hyaluronic instantly relieves discomforts of dry skin, soothes, calms and brings balance.

A fresh, subtle and clean scent of plants and flowers. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Green tea is rich in antioxidants which¬†heals problem skin, protects against cancers, reduces dark circles and puffy eyes, acts as a skin toner that reduces pore size and provides sun damage protection. A potent skin rejuvenator rich in nutrients and anti-bacterial properties to help inflammation and reduce fine lines.
  • Chamomile¬†aids in calming and soothing irritated and inflamed redness in skin. It also accelerates the healing process and is also rich in antioxidants to aid in anti-aging and improving the skin's health and overall glow.
  • Aloe Vera nourishes and detoxifies the skin and is¬† a restorative, healer and hydrator actively regenerating and repairing connective tissue. Helping with irritations, burns, problem skin, a natural disinfectant to help with cuts and abrasions, filled with anti-oxidants to fade dark spots and brighten skin and rich in vitamins E and C.
  • Hyaluronic Acid powerfully retains water in your connective tissues, to keep them well lubricated, moist and supple therefore keeping your skin plump and younger looking. Elasticity is improved as is wound healing and the appearance of fine lines.¬†
  • Rich in vitamin E and plant antioxidants for overall healing of scars, blemishes, stretch marks, eczema and psoriasis. Keeps the skin smooth and evens the appearance and skin tone.

Made in Canada. All our products are cruelty free.

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