The Beauty of Decluttering

What is it about throwing away old clutter that feels so freeing? Getting rid of old papers, clothing, broken bits of random things that you perhaps held onto for nostalgic or odd reasons as "you might end up needing it". It's so easy to accumulate things that can start to overwhelm and take over your life.

When it comes to living in a simple and clean space, your mind becomes happier and therefore life becomes a whole lot better. You have more room to breathe, move and think. You might have a garage, room, closet, work space, desk, bookshelf or all of the latter just bursting to be seen to and it weights on your mind as it collects dust and takes up space. 

Decluttering is so freeing! I have known people with rooms full of items that start to overtake their entire existence...a terrible feeling that can weigh you down. Perhaps you have inherited your elderly parents furniture or boxes and still have to go through items but see it as an overwhelming task.

Here's my top decluttering tips that I use for myself:

  • Create a donate, keep, recycle, trash and sell pile or box. This will make it quicker and easier for you as you sort through things.
  • Think about whether you'll have a garage sale or if donating, recycling or throwing away is best for each item.
  • If you haven't looked at it in a year or used it, do you need it? Ask yourself that question.
  • If you're delaying and putting off going through things, think of how good and free you will feel when it is done. Put on some good music and just do it!
  • How large or expensive is it? If it's small, useless and cheap, even more reason to give it a toss!
  • How useful is it? What do you use it for?
  • Are you holding onto it purely for nostalgic reasons? How truly important is it?
  • Is it a family heirloom that you can pass on?
  • If you're thinking of donating or keeping clothing and shoes but are on the fence about things, do the items still fit? When last did you wear them? Are they in good condition and what occasion are they good for?
  • Do you know anyone personally who could benefit from the items?
  • Items like tools, kitchen items like plates, mugs, cutlery and other appliances can benefit someone you know if you've gathered too many.
  • Get rid of anything that is broken or in bad shape and cannot be repaired. Saying to yourself that you'll repair it sometime is a big way to add extra clutter and never let it go.
  • Make things accessible. If items become unreachable or hidden, they get forgotten and unused.

Handy ways to organize things based on type and size:

  • Shoe racks/shoe boxes labelled on the outside
  • Scarf and tie racks
  • Jewelry racks
  • Wire, fabric or grass baskets
  • A label maker helps or little tags to write on
  • Jars for small objects
  • Stacked shelving units
  • Bookcases for books
  • Tool racks and metal stands for the garage
  • A bike rack or large hooks to hang oversized equipment
  • Compartment drawer organizers for cosmetics, random keys, small objects and cutlery
  • Make-up stand or organizer to declutter bathroom cabinets
  • Pen holders, filing cabinet, file folders and small dishes for a desk or workspace.


My business life definitely has to be organized and clutter free or there would be chaos and it would run over into my personal life. Shelves, baskets, racks and organizers really keep things on track for me and everything has its specific place. Finding something easily and quickly is key when it comes to decluttering and dealing with hundreds of products and packaging supplies.


As I lighten my life of clutter, I always feel a weight lifted off and a sense of renewal and joy. Life is definitely easier and happier with a lighter load.

Until next time, happy sorting!


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