Leaving behind something that doesn't serve your higher purpose.

I haven't written on the blog for quiet a while now as I've been working on some big changes in my business which require time, focus and a higher purpose. So my blog today asks the question, have you ever left something big behind that did not serve your higher purpose, match your alignment of who you are or that you've simply outgrown?

It can be really tricky especially if it's something you've worked on, worked with or at for a long time. Perhaps a job, a project, a person or something else you've been involved in for years or decades. Knowing when to change course and let something go can be scary and daunting, but ultimately it's extremely important in order to grow, change, experience and feel more powerful. Like shedding old skin you can feel renewed and refreshed once you leave something you have outgrown behind.

So why exactly should we let something go if it no longer feels right, good or positive:

  • You get to know your value and worth.
  • You get to step out of a comfort zone. 
  • You get to try something new and can ultimately discover something amazing that perhaps you did not know about life or yourself.
  • You might discover hidden talents you were unaware of
  • Your life experiences grow.
  • You release negative feelings, energy and old ways that might have put you in a rut.
  • You gain confidence and a renewed approached at discovering something new.
  • You feel more powerful knowing you are doing something good for yourself and heading in a different direction.
  • You get to surprise yourself and perhaps others as they might have thought you predictable.
  • A higher purpose can be exciting as you learn to push boundaries and take risks that you might not have done as you felt "safe" where you were but ultimately you were just stuck.
  • You realize there are better things out there for you and you are more capable than you think.
  • Nothing changes if nothing changes. We cannot expect anything different if you don't try new things, take action on what we want or stay stuck in one place doing the same old thing we have always done.
  • Life is an adventure and living in the same experiences day in and day out makes life stale, dull and predictable.
  • You are a person with skills, complexities and qualities that need to be brought to the surface. Leaving something behind something or someone that no longer works, opens up areas of your life that you now have time for.
  • Your focus shifts, as does your energy and mind.
  • A sense of freedom, rejuvenation and excitement can be reached when we close a door on something that takes our energy and focus away from what we really want.
  • Change is so good for our mind, body and soul.
  • Things fall into place when you are true to yourself.

If you're thinking of leaving something or someone in your life that is negative, steals your joy or weighs you down, take the leap and make the move. Life is short and should be an exciting adventure, not a predictable plod. I've left terrible jobs, people, situations and projects behind and every time it has given me a renewed sense of purpose and energy.

I hope you too can make that shift and feel good as you moving forward in confidence and happiness!

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  • Thank you for this eye-opener, we all need a shakeup from time to time!!

    Jean Lafferty

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