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Whether you love a physical book or an e-Book, reading can be everything to some of us. Fiction or non-fiction, we carry the words with us feverishly and relentlessly devour a story or information in no time at all.

eBooks have come a long way in the last ten years. No longer something we download onto e-readers only, but have made their way onto our tablets and phones and therefore right there in our handbag and briefcase all day long.

As much as I love physical books, eBooks carry many positive advantages that one might not have appreciated or noticed a decade ago.

  • Our travel companion when we want to save space and take several books on vacation and lie by the pool or on the beach and devour our favorite author's latest novels. When we can no longer fit anything else into our hand luggage on a plane, train, ship, car or bus for long commutes, business trips, camping trips and far away journeys...that's when a true appreciation of several eBooks at hand comes into play.
  • Our kitchen friend to simply bring up a quick recipe for an everyday meal after work or a more elaborate one for a holiday family gathering or perhaps a baking creation or delicious cocktail idea. A space saver for dozens of ready cookbooks and when your kitchen island can't quite hold all your heart's desires in paperback. 
  • Our idea gatherer when we're keeping craft and DIY ideas close at hand or want to keep kids entertained with travel activities and games.
  • Our history and geography teacher rolled into one with knowledge of far off places, ideas, locations and cultures that an encyclopedia would normally be needed.
  • Our food guide holding thousands of culinary choices, nutritional facts and ideas we never could have carried with us before.
  • Our bookshelf space saver in a small apartment or living space. No long term storage is required either.
  • Our specialized job reference manual when key information is needed to perform specific work tasks. Carrying large manuals around might become tedious and tiring.
  • Our school companion and study partner when we're focusing a particular subject and find carrying every heavy book back breaking as we walk from class, campus or study hall.
  • Information right at our fingertips instantly no matter the subject.
  • eBooks are searchable and most have links leading to more sources of information like websites and articles.
  • Many eBooks are interactive and can offer audio and video options.
  • eBooks are easy to access if you live in a remote place where it is difficult to have something delivered or not available to purchase in a traditional store.
  • You can adjust the size of the fonts in an eBook and often the brightness and background too to suit your eye reading needs for yourself, a child or the elderly.
  • eBooks make it easier to purchase reading material from the comfort of your home if you're handicapped, elderly or sick and have no physical bookstores nearby or means of transport.

Physical books will always be here to stay with their brilliantly illustrated covers, paper or leather bound smell and beautiful weight of a spine and pages on our bookcase however, we can have the best of both worlds. Gathering a collection of hardback treasured masterpieces is utterly special in itself but also not for everyone. Having stories and ideas right at our fingertips like a traveling library tucked into our bag can have its own unique and special uses and advantages too.

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