Exfoliating Apricot Natural Soap - 120g - Sparkle and Comfort
Exfoliating Apricot Natural Soap - 120g - Sparkle and Comfort
Exfoliating Apricot Natural Soap - 120g - Sparkle and Comfort

Exfoliating Apricot Goat's Milk Soap - 120g

Sparkle and Comfort

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This high quality, made-from-scratch, mild and pure bar of all natural soap is created from creamy goat's milk, fresh, apricot seed powder, lemongrass oil, powerful plant based oils of palm kernel oil, castor seed oil, olive oil, coconut oil and sweet almond oil for ultimate hydration and nourishment leaving your skin silky soft. Formulated for all over body use, hand, face and as a shaving soap for even the most sensitive skin. An invigorating bubbly lather and gorgeous natural fresh scent!

Chemical free, sulfate free, colour free, phthalates free.

Features and Benefits:

  • Apricot seed powder offers gentle and nourishing exfoliation leaving a polished, radiant and soft feel to the skin. Gently eliminating dirt, oil, bacteria, make-up, dead cells or dry rough skin refining the skin's texture and pores and leaving it smooth and supple.
  • Lemongrass oil helps control acne, oily skin, bacteria and promotes collagen promotion and cellular regeneration balancing the moisture in your skin. High in Vitamin C it acts as a natural astringent, anti-wrinkle and anti-aging agent.
  • Goat's milk soothes and hydrates the skin for silky softness. Exfoliating dull skin and nourishing the PH levels while eliminating any acne causing bacteria.    Vitamin A repairs any damaged skin tissue, rejuvenating with alpha-hydroxy acids for ultimate softness, collagen production and brightening skin.
  • Plant based oils of palm kernel oil, castor oil, coconut and olive oil are packed full of nutrients, healing and moisturizing properties. Rich in Vitamin A and K.
  • Sweet Almond Oil is rich in vitamin E and fatty acids to promote collagen regrowth, rejuvenate skin from sun damage and remove dead cells. It is a natural lubricant and its soothing antioxidant properties provide relief for dry, flaky and irritated skin.

    Made in Canada. All our products are cruelty free.

    (Exfoliating Apricot Natural Soap - 120g)

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