eBooks - Set of 4 Holiday Recipe eBooks
eBooks - Set of 4 Holiday Recipe eBooks
eBooks - Set of 4 Holiday Recipe eBooks
eBooks - Set of 4 Holiday Recipe eBooks

eBooks - Set of 4 Holiday Recipe eBooks

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This fabulous set of 4 Holiday Recipe eBooks offers over 1100 delicious recipes to enjoy for events, friends and family over the holiday season or any time of year!

The 4 eBooks included:

100 Christmas Recipes: These 100 Christmas recipes offer an incredible variety of festive dishes including casseroles, dips, stuffing, dressings, cakes, cookies, meat dishes, side dishes, appetizers, vegetables, salads, spreads, punch, ciders and so much more.

Some of the recipes include:

Vegetable Christmas Tree
Pineapple cheese ball
Christmas cheese spread
Christmas crab dip
Holiday dip
Cranberry Christmas punch
Christmas fruit tea
Christmas rice pudding
Christmas fruit salad
Sweet potato casserole
Heavenly Christmas salad
Apple raisin stuffing
Holiday sage dressing
Holiday magic yams
Orange sweet potatoes
Rice ham casserole
Turkey buffet casserole
Christmas morning brunch egg bake
Christmas stuffed baked ham
Christmas ham mustard sauce
Christmas Eve ham balls
Herb Parmesan bread wreath
Christmas meatballs
Christmas Eve biscuits
Brown sugar pecan cookies
Pumpkin bread
Cinnamon Christmas logs
Merry Christmas cheese cakes
Polka dot snowballs
Chewy Noels

And so much more!

150 Appetizer Recipes: This delicious Appetizers recipe eBook is filled with 150 interesting party foods, finger foods and hors d' oeuvres. Cheese balls, sauces, nachos, eggrolls, quiches, stuffing, pate', wings and so much more.

The recipes include an ingredients list, preparation and best serving methods.

Some of the recipes included:

Ham biscuits
Baby porcupine appetizers
Bacon Roll-ups
Baked Eggplant
Barbequed meat patties
Black bean and salmon appetizer
Bruschetta turnovers
Cheese Straws
Blue Cheese spread
Chicken and Banana egg rolls
Chicken and fruit kebobs with mustard leek sauce
Chicken Szechuan style with sesame paste
Chicken sausage gumbo
Feta stuffed pasta shells
Escargots Bourguignonne
Fried pasta crisps
Fresh fruit delight
Fire Balls
Fried shrimp rolls
Pate Maison
Pesto Pinwheels
Pickled mushrooms
Pickled pink eggs
Pizza Fondue
Spinach cheese puffs
Stuffed mushrooms with crabmeat
Sun-dried tomato mozzarella appetizers
Sweet and sour meatballs

And so much more!

250 Thanksgiving Recipes: This 264 page eBook cookbook has a delicious selection of turkey, stuffing, sauces, salads, side dishes, pies, breads, relish, desserts, puddings, drinks and much more!

Includes ingredients, preparation and serving amounts.

Some of the recipes include:

Herb roasted turkey with citrus glaze
Green onion and cornbread stuffing
Old-fashioned bread stuffing
Southwestern jalapeno cornbread stuffing
Minnesota wild rice dressing
Dutch potato filling
Cranberry chutney
Gravy secrets and gravy varieties
Sweet potato casserole
Crockpot scalloped potatoes
Stuffed acorn squash
Squash casserole
Feta cheese foldovers
Frosted pecan bites
Fruit dip
Mini sweet potato pies
Sausage balls
Fried wild turkey
Holiday punch
Hot buttered apple cider
Warm and spicy Autumn punch
Grandmother's famous cranberry bread
Apple Cranberry streussel pie
Cranberry ice-cream swirl cake
Honey poppy seed Cornish hens
Lamb and squash
Pumpkin stew
Chocolate bar fondue
Cherry Delight
Boiled custard
Colonial pumpkin bars

And so much more!

660 Holiday Recipes: This 629 page ebook cookbook has a massive delicious selection of recipes for Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Includes ingredients, preparation and serving portions.

Some of the recipes include:

APPETIZERS (32 recipes)
Christmas Veggie Tree
Cranberry Cream Cheese Spread
Cream Cheese Christmas Wreath
Holiday Cheese Ball

BEEF & LAMB (6 recipes)
Grilled Lamb Roast
Prime Rib Dijon

BREAKFAST (27 recipes)
7 up Pancakes
Breakfast Apple Cobbler
Christmas Breakfast Casserole
Christmas Morning Omelet
Cranberrry Pumpkin Waffles
Crockpot Breakfast Potatoes
Eggnog French Toast with Cranberry Compote

CAKES & PIES (91 recipes!)
Apple Cranberry Pie
Bacardi Rum Cake
Chocolate Cookie Cheesecake
Chocolate Eggnog Pie
Christmas Cake from Iceland
Christmas Cheesecake
Christmas Pound Cake
Classic Yule Log
Cranberry Cobbler
Daffodil Easter Cake
Vermont Apple Pie

CANDY (55 recipes)
Almond Butter Crunch Candy
Best Creamy Holiday Fudge
Black Forest Fudge
Cherry Nut Easter Eggs
Christmas Snowflake Fudge
Christmas Crunch
Cranberry White Chocolate Fudge
Eggnog Fudge
Microwave Peanut Brittle

CHICKEN, GOOSE & DUCK (10 recipes)
Cranberry Glazed Game Hens
Orange Brandy Chicken
Roast Duckling with Orange Sauce
Roast Goose with Wild Rice Stuffing

COOKIES & BARS (52 recipes)
Almond Shortbread Cookies
Bourbon Christmas Cookies
Christmas Shortbread
Cocoa Rum Balls
Cookie Turkeys
Cranberry Pecan Bars
Easter Basket Cupcakes
Easter Lilies
Gingerbread Men
Holiday Fruit Balls
Pumpkin Pie Biscotti
Viennese Crescent Cookies

DESSERTS (19 recipes)
Apricot Cheese Kugel
Brandy Butter (hard sauce)
Butterscotch Sauce
Christmas Eggnog Sauce
Easter Baskets
Festive Rice Pudding
Sweet Potato Surprise Balls

DINNER BREAD & ROLLS (18 recipes)
Butterhorn Rolls
Easter Egg Bread
Greek Trinity Loaves
No Knead Rolls
Yeast Rolls

HAM & PORK (17 recipes)
Apricot Glazed Ham
Cider Baster Ham
Spiced Cranberry Glazed Ham

HOLIDAY DRINKS (50 recipes)
Apple Brandy Punch
Christmas Cordial
Coconut Holiday Eggnog
Cranberry Cooler
White Chocolate Eggnog

HOLIDAY LEFTOVER's (20 recipes)
After the Turkey Day Creamed Turkey
Louisville Creamed Turkey
Turkey Chili
Turkey Rice Casserole

Cranberry Swirl Coffee Cake
Easter Bunny Buns
Eggnog Cinnamon Bread
Southern Sweet Potato Bread
Sweet Rolls in a Bundt Pan

Cranberry Banana Jam
Pumpkin Butter
Traditional Italian Easter Meat Pie

SALADS (43 recipes)
Ambrosia Holiday Fruit Salad
Carrot Salad
Christmas Spinach Salad
Creamy Cranberry Salad
Easter Bunny Salad
Macaroni & Ham Salad
Watergate Salad

SOUPS (9 recipes)
Creamy Turkey Soup
Turkey Barley Soup
Turkey Rice Soup

STUFFING (26 recipes)
Almond Apricot Stuffing
Baked Corn Dressing
Crockpot Stuffing I, II, III
Old Fashioned Bread Stuffing
Wild Rice Stuffing

TURKEY (25 recipes)
Apricot Glazed Turkey
Crockpot Turkey
Homestyle Turkey
Perfect Gravy
Turkey in a Bag

Acorn Squash
Baked Mashed Potatoes
Cooked Pumpkin
Cranberry Chutney
Garlic Mashed Potatoes I, II
Harvard Beets
Holiday Cranberry Sauce
Mushrooms Au Gratin
Orange Glazed Carrots
Scalloped Corn & Tomatoes
Yam Apple Bake