eBooks - Set of 4 Diabetic Recipe/Information eBooks
eBooks - Set of 4 Diabetic Recipe/Information eBooks

eBooks - Set of 4 Diabetic Recipe/Information eBooks

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This set of 4 Diabetes products includes two recipes eBooks and two information eBooklets.

What's included:

Understanding Diabetes: An 8 page info sheet eBooklet explaining all the basics with general information and overview of diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes: Where to begin: A 9 page info sheet eBooklet talking about diagnosis, diet, blood sugar, complications etc

500 Diabetic Recipes: This 239 page eBook offers 500 delicious Diabetic recipes. Cookies, cakes, main dishes, salads, breads, pies, soups etc

The recipes include an ingredients list and preparation.

Some of the recipes include:

Banana nut squares
Pound cake
Spaghetti sauce
Barbeque sauce
Cinnamon cookies
Easter fudge
Fruit bars
Grilled turkey tenderloin
Pasta salad
Coconut custard pie
Pineapple cole slaw
Polish sausage stew
German sauerkraut
Beef pasties
Tuna supreme
Aloha seafood dish
Baked beans
Cabbage relish
Cheese and onion casserole
Chicken loaf
Diet pizza
Hot open faced beef sandwich
Shepherd's pie
Macaroni and cheese
Date nut cake
Key lime pie
Strawberry Jam
Cranberry orange relish
Waldorf salad
Peanut clusters
Meat loaf
Swiss steak
And so very much more!

930 Diabetic Recipes: **PLEASE NOTE: There is no table of contents or glossary at the beginning of this book, just straight recipes in plain text***

This 437 page eBook offers 930 Diabetic recipes...a huge and interesting variety!

The recipes include an ingredients list, preparation and portion serving amounts.

Some of the recipes include:

* Oatmeal cookies
* Mexican Goulash
* Rice and cheese casserole
* Vegetable gumbo
* Ice cream
* Jiffy fruit cobbler
* Chocolate cake
* Lemon pie
* Banana bread
* Cornbread
* Tuna Salad
* Country French chicken
* Greek Christmas bread
* Basic salad dressing
* Chinese-style chicken
* Deep dish pizza
* Tea scones
* Reuben burgers
* Pancakes
* Peach Melba
* Frozen yoghurt
* Texas round steak
* Shrimp and rice salad
* Slow-poke jambalaya
* Indian summer tomato salad
* Low-calorie spiced tea mix
* Mediterranean spring salad
* Quick egg soup
* Potato, leek and cod soup
* Festive orange rice
* Turkey hash
* A variety of breads
* A variety of cookies
* A variety of soups
* A variety of salads
* A variety of sauces/dressings
* A variety of desserts
* A variety of main dishes
* A variety of vegetable dishes

And so very much more!