eBook - Small Gardens ~ How to make the most of them

eBook - Small Gardens ~ How to make the most of them

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This 68 page informative eBook Small Gardens shows how to make the most of a smaller space to plant and grow. Advantages and disadvantages and what to avoid. General arrangement and colours and as well as features and pests.

Some of information includes:

General arrangement of the garden
Terms used by gardeners
What to avoid
Lawns, paths, beds and borders
Colour schemes and variety
Neglected but handsome plants
The conservatory and greenhouse
Climbers, economical heating and storage of plants
The tool shed and summer house
Roses for amateurs
Enemies of the garden
The rockery
Trees and shrubs, enriching the soil
Watering and shelter
Best kinds of fruit, veg and herbs for small gardens
Annuals and biennials
How to make window boxes
Table arrangements in season and preserving flowers
The propagation of plants - seeds and cuttings
The management of room plants
Artificial manures, cutting off dead flowers, buying plants