eBook - Manual of Gardening

eBook - Manual of Gardening

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This 334 page informative eBook is a practical old-fashioned guide to making of home grounds and the growing of flowers, fruit and vegetables for home use. Packed full of information on tools, handling the land, protecting plants, what to grow, creating borders and other features, dealing with pests and creating structures and seasonal changes.

Some of the information includes:

What a garden is
Planning the grounds
Landscaping and designing
Flower beds and types of borders
Types of trees, gardens and plant forms
Birds and cats
A small backyard and a city lot
Grading, terracing, walks and drives
Types of grass, sowing seeds, sods, preparing the ground
Mowing, watering, fall treatment and other ground covers
Draining, trenching and saving of moisture
Hand tools for weeding and tillage
Handling of plants
Propagating by cuttings
Dormant stem-cuttings
Cutting of stems and roots
Removing large trees
Pruning, tree surgery and protection
Mice and rabbits
Tub plants, transplanting and grafting
Making rows straight
Storage of fruit and vegetables
Hotbeds and cold frames
Spraying and fumigating
Treatment for common insects and plant diseases
Windbreaks, screens and hedges
Shrubs, borders, rockeries and bog plants
Annuals, perennials, bulbs and tubers
Climbing plants and ornamental plants
Fruit plants and vegetable plants
Seasonal reminders

And so much more!