eBook - 89 Coffee Recipes - International Hot and Cold

eBook - 89 Coffee Recipes - International Hot and Cold

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Do you love coffee? Well then this is the recipe book for you! Hot and cold coffees from around the world!

This wonderful 18 page eBook in plain text offers 89 delicious, tasty and interesting coffee recipes from around the world that you can make at home or give as a gift! Surprise your friends and family with your own yummy creations.


Great for yourself or to give as a gift with a coffee basket or coffee themed present.

The recipes include an ingredients list, preparation and portion serving amounts.

Some of the recipes include:

* Canadian Coffee
* Amaretto Coffee
* Arabian Coffee
* Black Forest Coffee
* Buttered Rum Coffee
* Cafe Au Lait ( Coffee with Milk )
* Cafe Cappuccino
* Cafe' Mexicano
* Caffe Di Cioccolata
* Cajun Coffee
* Cappuccino Shake
* Cardamom-spiced Coffee
* Chocolate Almond Coffee
* Chocolate Mint Coffee Float
* Coconut Coffee
* Dublin Dream
* Espresso Romano
* Gaelic Coffee
* German Coffee With Whipped Cream
* Hot Baja Coffee
* Iced Cinnamon Coffee
* Italian Coffee With Chocolate
* Mexican Spiced Coffee
* Turkish Coffee
* Viennese Coffee
* West Indies Coffee

and so many more!