eBook - 20 WordPress Sales Page Themes and Plugins with Video Tutorial

eBook - 20 WordPress Sales Page Themes and Plugins with Video Tutorial

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These 20 WordPress themes and plugins include a step-by-step video tutorial, buttons, boxes, headers, images, hot links to resources and much more!

WordPress is by far the most easiest content management system around. What makes it great is the amount of plug ins and themes you can get, most of which are free, which takes it to higher levels.

A sales page theme is exactly what it says, a cut down version of a WordPress theme which is pre-formatted with bullets, testimonial boxes, h1 and h2 headings as well as other nifty tools. It does away with links, headers and other distractions you may find on a standard theme, and concentrates on one sole purpose, helping you sell more. It also comes pre – formatted with numerous features you would expect to have on a sales page! Signatures, bullets, testimonial boxes, headers, sub headers and much more…

Recently, there has been a rise in the amount of themes which turns your WordPress blog into a sales letter. If you're an Internet marketer who relies upon sales pages to promote your products, and affiliate looking to create some CPA landing pages, or having a dabble with video squeeze pages, there are a number of themes you can use to achieve exactly what you are looking for.

With so many options available when choosing a WordPress sales page theme, you should look for one that offers variety, and that is easy to set up. Quite a lot of these WordPress sales page themes come bundled with up to 20 different types of templates, which means you can use a different theme on each site you own.

How these WordPress sales page themes work is you just install them into your WordPress themes folder, and activate them inside the WordPress admin area. When you write a post or page, you simply choose from the pre-formatted options in the editor, and decide if you want a h1 header, h2 header, testimonial box or bulleted list, it's really easy.

Using WordPress is a great way to build your sales pages because google loves WordPress, and the SEO advantages of a WordPress sales page far outweigh the old fashioned html sales pages.