eBook - 1000 Vegetarian Recipes
eBook - 1000 Vegetarian Recipes

eBook - 1000 Vegetarian Recipes

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This 235 page eBook offers over 1000 Vegetarian recipes...a huge and interesting variety! Everything from soups, stews, salads, rice dishes, pies, breads, eggs, omelets, sauces, puddings, cakes, desserts, turnovers and menu options.

The recipes include an ingredients list and preparation.

Some of the recipes include:

Soups: cabbage, caper, asparagus, barley, celery, coconut, corn, leek, clear, parsnip, pea, Portuguese, potato, oatmeal, summer, tomato

Batters and savouries: butter beans with parsley sauce, cauliflower and potato pie, celery croquettes, chestnut pie, corn pudding, curry balls, haggis, hot pot, lentil pie, mushroom tartlets, fritters, Spanish onions, spinach dumplings, Yorkshire pudding

Rice dishes: curried, Portuguese, savoury, Spanish

Omelets: French bean, gardener, macaroni, souffle

Vegetables: Artichokes a la parmesan, carrots with parsley sauce, cauliflower with white sauce

Souffles and eggs: egg and cheese fondue, cheese souffle, chocolate souffle, egg and tomato sandwiches, egg salmagundi with jam, eggs a la bonne femme, eggs a la duchesse, forcemeat eggs, eggs au gratin, French eggs, potato souffle, scotch eggs, stuffed eggs, sweet creamed eggs, spinach tortilla

Salads: Spanish, cucumber, summer, winter, onion, cheese salad, potato salad

Potatoes: potato bird's nest, potato cakes, potato cheesecakes, potato rolls, potato pudding, stuffed

Sauces: brown gravy, apricot sauce, curry sauce, chocolate sauce, French sauce, herb sauce, mayonnaise, horseradish, mustard sauce, onion sauce, olive sauce, orange flower sauce

Puddings: almond rice, apple charlotte, baked custard, Belgian, bird's nest, Buckingham, bread pudding, Christmas pudding, lemon, London, macaroni pudding, sponge, tapioca, Yorkshire

Pies and tartlets: piecrusts, lemon cream, treacle

Creams and custards: caramel, gooseberry, blackberry, orange, strawberry, egg cream, chocolate cream, macaroon cream

Apples: fritters, jelly, pancakes, sauces, tarts

Bread and cakes: barley bannocks, buns, butter biscuits, buttermilk cake, chocolate cake, cinnamon madeira cake, crisp oatmeal cakes, coconut rock cakes, lunch cake, lemon cake.

And so very much more!