eBook - Realationships: The Triangle Connection

eBook - Realationships: The Triangle Connection

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This 31 page eBook takes a look at the connection between the mind, body and soul. The brain, body and heart connection between man and woman in a relationship and what's at the core of a real partnership or marriage.

What's important and what keeps it alive? What keeps it real and magical?


Chapter 1 - So what is the true magic at the core of a real partner relationship?

Chapter 2 - Get serious with yourself. Totally accepting your partner from the beginning (or you shouldn’t be with each other)

Chapter 3 - A man and a woman – what do they want?

Chapter 4 – Tearing a strip off each other and breaking each other down.

Chapter 5 - Staying in a marriage or relationship that is killing you.

Chapter 6 - Using your brain. Having a brain sex mental connection with the right partner.

Chapter 7 - The heart of the matter. The emotional connection and listening to your feelings.

Chapter 8 – The body: The importance of touch and why staying intimate and passionate are so crucial to your relationship.