Tips for working with your Eye Shape

It is said that the eyes are the window to the soul and like everything else about each one of us, are completely unique! Eye shapes are an interesting topic to me as we look directly into someone's eyes every time we make conversation or even just look at someone.

Eyes are so much of our personality and we see joy, happiness, sadness, anger, surprise and so many other emotions expressed in a person's eyes.

Having said that, if you've ever wished to have bigger eyes, smaller eyes or maybe not as deep-set or wide-set, there are make-up techniques that can assist in giving the illusion of a different eye shape through the magic of shading eyeshadow, eyeliner and eyelash applications. 


Different types of eye shapes:

  • Wide-set 
  • Close-set
  • Deep-set
  • Droopy/Hooded
  • Small 
  • Upturned
  • Downturned 
  • Protruding/Prominent 
  • Almond 

 General tips for different eye shapes: 

  • For deep-set eyes, lighten the lids with a shimmery pale shade and apply liner on only the bottom lash line. This will give the illusion of the eyes being a bit more forward and not as set in.
  • For smaller eyes, avoid lining inside the upper crease. A fine line is best with a slight upward swish at the ends of the eyes. Avoid thick lines as they will make the eyes look even smaller.
  • For wide-set eyes, emphasize the inner corner of the eyes. Line completely around the eyes to draw attention to the middle of the face.
  • Heavy lashes or mascara always make eyes look larger especially if more emphasis is placed on the corners of the eyes. 
  • Downturned eyes can be changed through shading upwards at the corners along with heavier lashes and an upwards swish of liner too. A soft shading gradient outwards assists with this too.


I love experimenting with colours and textures and like lip make-up, there are no rules to eye applications. The sky is the limit of beauty for day and night, characters and looks for events. The eyelid is a miniature canvas for a world of designs. Eyeshadow powders, creams, special f/x paints, feathers, glitter, rhinestones and the endless list of different textures, types of eyeliners, lashes and mascaras, makes for an exciting creative moment.


Our Classic eyeshadow palette, Peacock Jewel Tones palette and three Glitter Palettes provide a brilliant wide range of classic and fantasy colours for day, night and character creations. It's a bonus they have high concentration of pigmentation (a little goes a long way) and are oil free, gluten free, vegan and paraben free. To be beautifully paired with our soft mink lashes or vitamin E infused water-proof mascara. 


Our Cosmetics Cheat Sheets Booklet eBook  let's you practice eye colours and designs on printable face shape paper sheets without using too much product and gives you an idea of the look you'd like to create!

Here's to big, beautiful eyes! Cheers for now,


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