Small changes make a big difference.

The end of the year often has many of us reflecting on the past twelve months and also looking to the new year. How are you looking ahead at your mind and body choices?

Not just new year's resolutions and empty promises to yourself but fresh new real changes, even small ones can make a big difference to how we look and feel about yourself.

Most of us are creatures of habit and like to be comfortable with where we are, what we're doing and oftentimes not sure where or how to change. A collection of small tweaks can make a big impact as they become new habits that can lead to bigger changes in mental and physical overall health and wellness.

Start with these small simple tasks to help you look and feel better:

  • Drinking more water
  • Getting 30 more minutes of sleep each night
  • Trying a new vegetable each week
  • Adding a small salad each day
  • Adding a fruit each day
  • Walking for 20 minutes each day
  • Stretching for 10 minutes each day
  • Adding a herbal tea each day
  • Deep breathing for 5 minutes each day
  • Reading one good book each month
  • Having a long relaxing bath once a week
  • Add freshly squeezed lemon juice to your water bottle
  • Sitting quietly for 5 minutes a day, close your eyes and say out loud 3 things you are grateful for and 3 things you would like to work towards
  • Listen to music you like at least twice a week
  • Start a journal and write down your thoughts
  • Look for 3 items in your house that no longer serves a positive purpose in your life and are simply creating clutter, dust or taking up space for no reason ie old shoes you know you'll never wear again, something broken that you know will never get fixed, a random box or things or old clothing you have not worn for years.

If you're averse to making large sweeping changes, small simple activities will add up like coins in a jar. Good healing habits, no matter how small will lead to a calmer mind, stronger body, better skin and in time might snowball into bigger changes that you never expected.

You might surprise yourself!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog posts and I truly hope and wish you overall good health and wellness.  Happy New Year!

~ Susan

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