Real beauty through fuel and movement: Feeling and looking your best

We can read a thousand articles and follow a hundred diet plans, but at the end of the day it all comes down to good old-fashioned real food and moving our body...period. There is no magic trick or pill but simply fueling with the best real variety of good natural food there is and making sure we move any way we can.

Without our health, we have nothing. Our health is everything. If we're ill there is very little joy in who we are and what we are capable of doing.

The market is so inundated with ideas and mountains of information that it can become so overwhelming that often people simply give up trying to lose weight or even navigate to understand anything about health, food or exercise. Unfortunately obesity is on the rise and a sedentary lifestyle does not help and makes for more of a struggle in everyday life.

"Your diet is a bank account. Good food choices are good investments." Through common sense you know this when you feel off, have low energy, aches and pains and perhaps don't sleep well. All these are natural indicators of the incorrect fuel and not enough good things our body so desperately needs.

Simple things like water, sunshine, activity, fresh air, rest and sleep, real nutrient dense food...all straight forward contributors to feeling and looking better. Life throws so much at us sometimes that we can become overwhelmed and lose our way. Finances, death, jobs, relationships and other factors determine our overall well-being. Our best defense is real food. In order to think straight, have energy, deal with problems, keep our bodies strong and face challenges head on, we need the right fuel.

It sounds so silly and simple, but if we're consuming packaged items full of preservatives, chemicals, sugars and other nasty fake additives, we become clogged up, irritable, sluggish, ill, constipated and generally degraded. We are no longer the best version ourselves but rather a system that is backed up, poisoned and in big trouble. The danger of poor eating habits and constant garbage entering our system is endless. 

Thinking about what you love to eat and finding a healthier alternative is a great way to start! What if you could turn that boat around right this very moment and instead of starving yourself or eating less, start eating better quality and variety. Quality over quantity. If you give your body real food, it will feel satisfied, full and fueled with energy. Cravings will start to go away, sleep will improve and your metabolism will get better burning proper fuel.

If you're eating out all the time or getting take-away, you're consuming dishes that are high in preservatives, sugars and additives. Learning to cook or prepare simple real food is one of the most life changing gifts you can give yourself! You will start to feel and look better right away when you choose real food and movement!


 Our eBook and Video library carries so many fabulous and helpful choices for navigating food and health ideas like Nutrition for Adults and having the right healthy mindset to get you on track or turn your life around and feel better.

I know when I have not had enough movement or perhaps not been eating enough good things, I don't feel at my best and therefore my mind is not as sharp and I'm not quite as happy. Energy and happiness are tied together and they're both tied to our activity and what we consume.

Writing down your thoughts, feelings, activities and foods can also help in the form of a journal. or a weekly habits tracker. This is a way to reflect and really think about what you're doing, see how you progress and how far you've come. Even planning weekly meals or making sure that what goes into your shopping cart will make its way into your body, whether it be good or bad.

It isn't about denying yourself things you enjoy, it's about finding balance, alternatives and better portions. My blog post on small changes make a big difference gives some good tips to get you started if you feel at a loss.

I hope that if you're looking to feel better, that this post has sparked a few ideas on starting small and being consistent day-by-day. Quality over quantity to feel satisfied and good in your own skin. You are loving yourself, taking care of yourself and investing in yourself.


Here's to health, happiness, good things, good feelings and thoughts and all that makes you feel well, strong and good about yourself. 

Until next time.


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  • This is such a sensible post and filled with common sense and life changing idea!! Thank you once again for your interesting and informative writing!!

    Jean Lafferty

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