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This is one of those blog posts that I simply wrote as a pleasure piece and wanted to share for pure enjoyment. I've always loved items from other time periods and the mood they create and charm they hold. I know there are people who love modern, shiny, new and the latest thing whatever it may be, I'm definitely the opposite of that. 

This is more of a mood board post...a visual vintage compilation of looking back in time to interesting objects I love.

I've traveled to places drenched in history and find it thrilling to discover little cobble stone alleyways with tiny dusty bookshops full of old leather bound treasures, shops filled with antique brass bits and bobs, lamps, household objects, furniture...full of character and a gateway to decades gone by.

Vintage objects truly are a time portal to history. My favourite periods are probably Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian.

  • Georgian ~ 1714 - 1837
  • Victorian ~ 1837 - 1901
  • Edwardian ~ 1901 - 1910

The Tudor (1485 - 1603) and Stuart (1603 - 1714) time periods are also fascinating but a bit more unrefined and don't hold as much charm for me as the other three listed above. 


Do we romanticize old things? Yes, I think we do, as these things are from a time we never lived in. In reality, those times were not filled with electric light but with candles and lanterns and lacked so many modern, comfortable and convenient things, but for me it is the feeling these objects evoke. A touchstone of history.

Traveling to countries that have large museums of objects and artifacts is something I truly love. Objects that created an atmospheric charm of the time...old books, a gramophone, a lamp, big rustic sturdy metal braced doors, massive tapestries or rugs, cushions, couches and beds of old material and stuffing. In that time period, that is of course all they had and knew, but for us now the very smell, touch and feel can bring about a feeling of stepping back in time.

Some of my favourite places I've enjoyed visiting and seeing items on display:

  • The British Museum - London
  • The Victoria and Albert Museum - London
  • Hampton Court Palace - England
  • The Palace of Versailles - France
  • The People's Palace and Winter Gardens - Scotland
  • Blenheim Place - England
  • Holyrood Palace - Scotland
  • Windsor Castle - England
  • Edinburgh Caste - Scotland
  • Stirling Castle - Scotland
  • Cardiff Castle - Wales

I've seen quite a few European museums too and smaller dwellings that used to be homes of well known people and those are also such a treat as they take an intimate look into everyday life left as it was when they departed. Writers, poets, painters, politicians and other figures of note. Their desk, living area, chair, fireplace found exactly as it was back in the day and now held in a capsule of time. An old notebook with ink pen and longer used but on display frozen in time. A majestic grandfather clock that used to tick, chime and announce tea time but now dormant but none the less grand.


With so many personal travel photos to choose from, it's difficult to pick just a few, but these are from various sites and places. When we travel we sometimes stay at a bed and breakfast or an older hotel due to their character and history.

I have fond memories of a very old hotel we stayed in in Edinburgh, Scotland. It felt like a hunting lodge and was adorned with large antique pieces, stags, family crests, tartan embellishments, old creaky stairs, oversized antique cabinets with brass fixtures and hat stands and mirrors of a bygone era. It was magical in its authenticity and charm. Everything had a story and richness to it. Have you ever stayed in a place like that?

Some of my favourite vintage items are:

  • Stamps and coins - definitely defining moments in time and history.
  • Candlesticks - I find them so ornate and wonder which room they lit.
  • Tapestries and rugs - massive works of art that hung on walls and woven painstakingly over months and years.
  • Small rustic side tables with little hidden drawers and ornate handles.
  • Mirrors - particularly small table dresser handheld or night stand pieces.
  • Brooches and hat pins - back to a time when ladies always wore them.
  • Writing desks with multiple drawers, an ink well and roll top. Found in every home once upon a time.
  • Wash basin and jug - large ceramic and often beautifully decorated in ornate floral design.
  • A dressing table set of mirror, hair brush, comb and other grooming objects.
  • Ornate lamps and lamp shades
  • Pocket watches and oversized rustic keys
  • Lamp posts
  • Dressing table and chair. A place for a lady to get ready for the day.
  • Tea pots, tea sets with cream and sugar bowl and tea tray.
  • Flasks and small leather bound coin purses 
  • Embroidered handkerchiefs and gloves
  • Hats and scarves

 I've put together a nice little collection of Victorian printables below for you to enjoy. Right click on each one to save and print. They would look good framed in rustic pieces on a mantle, table or wall. 

     I hope you've enjoyed this indulgent post of mine and if you love vintage items and collectibles too, I hope you get to adventure to places of interest and duck into dark little dusty bookstores, dimly lit shops, quaint cafes and old crumbling alleyways off the beaten track...those are where the hidden vintage gems are always found, away from the crowds.

Until next time, goodbye for now and happy treasure hunting!

~ Susan

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  • This was so vastly interesting and enjoyable, thank you for your ability to bring your post to life!! Loved it!!

    Jean Lafferty

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