Indoor plants for pleasure and well-being

What is it about plants in our living space that for some of us brings such utter fulfillment, calm and pleasure? I've been into people's homes where there isn't a single plant, not even one tiny one. That is simply foreign to me and in no way, shape or form can I relate to that. A home without plants lacks life and feels cold and sterile like a laboratory.

Plants have the ability to bring never-ending beauty, colour and aesthetic to a living space that nothing else can. You might have the fanciest and most sleek furniture you could possible dream up, but without the pleasing appearance of a palm, fern, cactus or other gorgeous leafy potted beauty, the heartbeat of a home is sorely lacking.

Plants not only offer their value in looks, comfort and beauty but also in providing fresh oxygen and filtering the air, boosting productivity and creativity and aiding with a better night's sleep. The pleasure of growing and nurturing plants can relieve stress and promote a general sense of well-being.


Depending on where you live in the world and what your seasons offer, certain plants will be more in abundance with certain types of climates and weather. If you've never been a plant person and not sure where to start, visit a plant store or greenhouse and find something hardy, easy to care for and small like a cactus or succulent that doesn't require a lot of watering and care.

It's incredible how much your plant knowledge will grow as you start to add a variety of plants to your home. Many people I speak to tend to overwater as opposed to underwater their houseplants. Learning to mist certain plants, repotting as plants grow bigger and general plant care and maintenance can be very fulfilling and should never be seen as a task. 

Our Indoor Gardening eBook by William Keane gives advice month by month and week by week for various plants in a variety of places in terms of temperature, watering, tying back or up, pots, soil, light, soil moisture and conditions, ventilation, day and night conditions and air moisture.

I personally love growing a good variety of plants and even geraniums (which are normally grown outside) and are annuals (for only one year) as opposed to perennials (that come back year after year) grow very well inside and have flourished in our home for several years now.

I have a good mix of cacti, jade succulents, aloe, snake plants (Sansevieria), a braided money tree, money plants (Pilea Peperomioides) ivy and ferns. All of these have different watering and care needs. For those of you with no interest in plants or are not sure where to start, 15 best house plants for beginners  will give you some great ideas on plants that are easy to grow!

If you live in a climate where its not warm all year round, plants can really help your mood and bring the garden inside in those colder months. Plant stands, trellises, tables, shelves, glass terrariums, hanging baskets and nooks brimming with greenery and foliage is surprisingly good for you and offers unexpected mental well-being even more so if you work from home. You can get really creative on how to display plants! 

A home office, bathroom, bedroom night stand, kitchen island, coffee table and mantle are just a few areas that can benefit greatly from plants and bring an upbeat vibrant feel to our homes. 26 Bedroom Office Ideas with plants gives you some inspiration and ideas for beautifying living and work areas. Not only will you feel better, calmer and happier, but your productivity and creativity will go up!


I hope you make time for plants and indoor gardening in your home and find ones that work for your lifestyle and living areas. It can be tremendous fun choosing, arranging and finding decor and pots that create a sense of fulfillment in your life!

Until next time,

Happy planting!


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