Beauty and inspiration of being present in the moment.

What exactly does it mean when we try to find beauty, inspiration and be present in the moment? What do you think of when you think of beauty and what does it mean to you? This blog post is about how beauty, inspiration and being present in the moment are all woven together.

Some days you might feel a bit blah or you're going through struggles, heartache or other problems and so how do you stay motivated and inspired to find beauty in the ordinary and everyday things? There are things that bring us down and lift us up. I know that when days are not uplifting, going as planned or have an unexpected downward slant to them, I simply go with it. Let it go and know that tomorrow will be better. 

To lift myself up, I have to be mentally strong and be in the moment. Anything from a bouquet or vase of flowers, trees or plants, an elegant dress, beautiful classic architecture, a well presented delicious meal, the sunrise or sunset, waves breaking on rocks, a colourful bird sitting peacefully, hugging someone you love, your pet nuzzling you sweetly, a beautiful song or interesting book, a a candlelight hot bath, cooking, a long walk or workout, quiet meditation...all genuinely inspiring things and moments to lift my spirits...beautiful moments that turn my mindset around.

Do you have those uplifting touchstones that can turn your mindset around?

When we look at the history of fashion, cosmetics, architecture and lifestyle in general, we have lived through some beautifully designed times. Periods filled with grace, clean lines and angles in clothing, elegance and immaculate poise pertaining to people and society. How did these things affect people's thoughts, moods, feelings and emotions at different times in history?

Our favourite colours, scents and music can hold beauty simply by being present in a room and make us feel happy when presented through art, throw cushions or rugs or perhaps even collectibles we've acquired through our travels.

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I find this to be true. Something garish, sloppy, vulgar, quirky or unsightly might be beautiful to someone but not to others. The same can be said for music. Musical tastes vary and again either inspire or bring about a long list of emotions and feelings of sadness, anger, melancholy or joy. Every day holds moments of beauty whether we see them or not.

Are you someone who stops and notices things and moments, or are you someone who tends to rush things and is already pushing into the next moment?

Sometimes it's difficult to be present in the moment and notice the small things especially if our minds and lives are so busy. The slowing down of moments and being present is supremely important. "The good old days" are here and now and I think sometimes overthinking and over-planning can lead to not being present in the here and now.

It's a strange subject to think about, but in order to get the most out of each and every day and moment, one has to be right here and now. Living in the past or in the hoped for future robs us of our present reality, feelings and beauty of our surroundings. 

Our mind and mindset are everything. Thoughts are things and we are ultimately governed by our mind and the quality of our thoughts. How do your nurture your mind to stay positive when it's not always easy or if you're under pressure, strain or difficulty?

Here's a few things I do to be more present in the moment:

  • Stopping where I am and noticing my surroundings.
  • Slowing down and breathe deeply. Mindfulness and meditation are unbelievably helpful. 
  • Playing songs and music that matter to me and make me feel good.
  • Aromatherapy with essential oils or taking a long hot bath with naturally scented bath bombs slows me down and gets me to truly relax.
  • Having strong repeated affirmations when sitting quietly or going for a walk. Saying them out loud and believing in them.
  • Writing down thoughts and feeling in a diary, journal or planner
  • Taking a negative or toxic situation and facing it head on. What this means is that I face a challenge instead of burying it, avoiding it or putting it off. Dealing with some straight on and getting rid of it out of your life so that I banish fear, anger and sadness. It is not always easy but in order to be truly happy and present, you have to free yourself of anything that does not serve a higher purpose or alignment with what you want for your life.
  • Being grateful for what I have. Instead of always looking for the next big thing or wanting more, be grateful for what you have right now and build on that. That doesn't mean you throw your dreams out the window, it means you enjoy the journey or where you are and where you are heading. You can't just be happy on the weekend or just happy on a vacation, you have to find happiness and appreciation in the everyday moments of here and now or you are throwing away precious time.
  • Don't save special things just for special occasions, life is a special occasion every single day. We are not guaranteed tomorrow. Wear your favourite outfit, use the good soap, drink the good wine, light the good candles. Tell people you love and care for them every single day and mean it.
  • Incorporate things that really matter to you into your daily life. If you love plants, exercise, laughing, time with your dog, cooking, a long hot bath, good music...whatever is good for the mind, body and soul and doesn't hurt you or run you down, get more of that.
  • Life is filled with endless opportunities and you have the magic in you to do incredible things. Improve the quality of your surroundings, thoughts and relationships but filtering in higher value purpose and alignment of who you are at the core of your being. Read better books, eat better foods, get better sleep and care about yourself in a higher way.


All the best for now. Thank you for taking the time to read this post and here's to a strong and happy mindset of being in the moment for a better life!


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  • Superb, thank you for all your interesting and helpful advice and knowledge, amazing!!

    Jean Lafferty

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